Redefining NFTs Through Decentralization

Spume is a community governed holder-owned NFT marketplace that facilitates the non-fungible tokenization of physical and digital assets and removes brokers, banks, and other centralized authorities from unjustifiably taxing the transactions and property of individuals.

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Redefining NFTs Through Decentralization

Private Sale

76% Sold

Spume Executive Info

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Spume’s vision is the complete removal of all intermediaries that prey on individuals during the trading of digital and physical goods. This covers a broad range of markets meaning everything from artwork to real estate will be tokenizable and tradable on Spume’s marketplace. All revenue generated from Spume’s marketplace is given directly back to SPUME token holders. The marketplace and all decisions on development are directly controlled by SPUME token holders with a governance system unlike anything ever seen before.

Tokenize And Trade

From Bored Ape Yacht Clubs to New York City condos, Spume will be the community owned and governed marketplace for trading and tokenizing assets.

Real Estate

Houses Without Banks

One of the most institutionalized and inflated industries in the world is real estate. With the amount of brokers, agents, and other middlemen in this market at an all time high, there is a desperate need for a more efficient and cost effective solution for home buyers and sellers.

Our smart contract process is being crafted around the current, existing legal system instead of waiting for legislation to catch up with blockchain technology. Our tokenization protocols for physical land assets will make the liquidity of real estate be measured in minutes or hours, instead of weeks or months; it will turn four or five necessary middlemen into one.


Art Without Brokers

Digital artwork is thriving on the blockchain with the number of NFT artwork holders growing exponentially. This is largely due to marketplaces like Open Sea eliminating brokers and instead using smart contracts to handle the transacting of fees and NFTs.

We intend to build off of the work done by large marketplaces like Looks Rare and Open Sea. Specifically, both aforementioned marketplaces have vetted and secure smart contract systems which we will combine to yield the best aspects of both.

Digital Goods

Digital Licensing

Tokenization of music and other intellectual work and digital properties gives immense flexibility to the way licenses are handled and royalties are paid out.

We aim to standardize the way royalties and licensing are handled on the blockchain, giving creators complete control over their property and cutting out intermediaries such as record and licensing companies. Specifically, we want standardize the way the tokenization of these items occurs, which will directly lead to further adoption of standardized royalties and licensed use.

The Abolition of Centralized Authority

Every decision about Spume’s marketplace including the design, development, and future expansion will be controlled by the Spume DAO. The Spume DAO consists of two parties, shareholders and members. Members are those who work for the DAO and shareholders are those who hold SPUME tokens.

The Spume DAO will be controlled by a governance system unlike anything seen today. Most notably, shareholders will all have an equally weighted vote regardless of the number of SPUME tokens they hold. Shareholders will also be able to add and remove members of the DAO as they see beneficial.

The goal of the Spume DAO is to create a true democratic republic where no small group of individuals control the direction the platform takes.

Revenue Sharing With Spume Holders

All revenue generated from the marketplace’s transaction fees will be given directly back to SPUME token holders proportional to the amount of SPUME the individuals have. We chose this revenue sharing model for two specific reasons. One, sharing fees with shareholders (individuals who hold SPUME tokens) will incentive participation in the governance of the Spume DAO. Two, because the DAO owns 20% of the total tokens, they are obligated to 20% of all revenue the Spume marketplace generates, providing continual funding for future development.

Marketplace transaction fees are flexible and can be voted on by shareholders of the DAO. To provide an example for revenue sharing lets assume Spume just launched, only trades NFT artwork, charges a flat 2.5% fee, and is 1/10th the size of Open Sea. In this scenario Spume will trade roughly $7.6 million in NFT volume per day, redistributing $190,000 per day to SPUME token holders. To be eligible to share in redistributed rewards, a holder’s SPUME tokens must be staked. Assuming 35% of SPUME tokens are staked, each SPUME token will reward its holder with $0.0054 per day. That is a 1% return per day assuming they bought the SPUME token at our exchange listing price of $0.50 per token.

Spume Token


The total supply of SPUME is 100 million. This is a fixed supply, there will be no SPUME minted or burned. The SPUME token has already been created and the total supply can be verified at the Etherscan link below.

Public Sale20%
DAO Treasury20%
Early Backers15%
Private Sale15%

How to Get Spume

Spume is currently in the private sale phase, but will be available to the public shortly.

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Private Sale

The Roadmap

Spume is an ambitious ever evolving project. The direction our roadmap takes may shift slightly as we adjust to best realize Spume’s vision: the complete removal of all taxing intermediaries.

It should also be noted that the development of Spume will be incremental. Features involving various add-ons will launch at different times. We do our best with our roadmap to show the development life of Spume, but it often will not be as linear. Most often various real estate features and artwork features will be under development simultaneously.

Our goal is for a Q3 2022 launch of the mainnet NFT artwork marketplace with the SPUME token staking feature for revenue sharing, and a Q4 2022 launch of the mainnet Real Estate and Licensing tokenization and trading platform.

Q4 2021
White Paper
Initial Project Plan
Q1 2022
Private Sale
Technical Paper
Q2 2022
Public Sale
Cex/Dex Listing
Testnet (NFT Artwork)
Q3 2022
Mainnet (NFT Artwork)
Testnet (NFT Real Estate)
Testnet (Royalties/Licensing)
Q4 2022
Mainnet (NFT Real Estate)
Mainnet (Royalties/Licensing)
Community Governance
Spume DAO

Mainnet Development In Progress

Visual TestnetMusic Studio

Spume in the News

NY Weekly

The NFT marketplace has exploded in the past year, with NFTs sales growing from $94.9 million in 2020 to $24.9 billion in 2021.

US Reporter

Over the past year blockchain technology has witnessed a meteoric rise in adoption due to its decentralized system that gives power to the users.

Market Daily

Blockchain technology is arguably the most significant invention of the digital world. After all, it has paved the way for the rise of the crypto industry and NFTs.

Meta Digest

In the current NFT space, there exists few marketplaces. With the current arrangement, only an elite few have control over these platforms.

Coin Week

The NFT space is currently controlled by a few marketplaces that grant users exclusive access. However, this arrangement does not offer much decentralized power.

LA Wire

Cryptocurrency has always been a hot topic in the digital market, and with good reason. The digital currency offers one key factor: freedom.

The Spume Team

Each experts in their field, the core Spume team is dedicated to realizing a decentralized autonomously owned NFT Marketplace where holders have the power

Beauregard Moody


Beauregard is in charge of the overall direction of Spume and provides advisement in all aspects of the project. Over the last five years, he has been involved in managerial roles in four major blockchain projects on Cardano, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Some of his roles have included: Head of Marketing, Compliance Director, and CEO. With a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Pepperdine University, his speciality remains in guiding Spume through the complicated and ever-changing area of regulation and compliance on a global level. By having executive roles in previous blockchain projects, Beauregard brings a multitude of governmental connections and strategic partnerships to assist with Spume’s growth in regulatory, finance, and exposure capacities.

Silas Marvin


Everything technology, with a Bachelors in Computer Science, Silas has been involved with Crypto for the last 2 years studying and developing in all of the most prominent languages and frameworks. Before working with Spume he worked as a consultant for Crypto Investment funds looking for a better understanding in the technology behind their investments. An expert in solidity, javascript, and graphql, Silas is the driving force behind our platform.

Leonidas Peña

Executive Advisor

Leo is the Chief Executive Officer of the global health brand Thoughtcloud. He specializes in marketing, brand awareness, and overall execution of marketing strategies. With his unparalleled experience in bringing retail companies to the next level via unorthodox and unmatched marketing and branding, Leo lends his expertise to Spume’s full time marketing team.

Zevin Clark


Zevin is a young, but experienced serial-entrepreneur having been involved in four successful start-up companies in the last five years. Zevin has had experience in raising over a million dollars for companies that he's helped found and/or partner with. He has also helped multiple companies increase their revenues ten-times over through online conversion optimization while bringing several companies to well over a million dollars in annual revenues. His employee & contractor management abilities have enabled to lead teams of over 50 people. One of his companies has accomplished the feat of reaching national exposure before the product has even been finished. Accumulatively he and his organizations have done a combined $20M in revenue.

Kenny Patel


A serial entrepreneur with over 20+ ventures in different industries under his belt, he is a relentless force in social media and influencer marketing. Kenny was a partner in Project Rumor, one of the largest influencer houses in Belair. Bringing a fresh yet disciplined approach to growth hacking and digital marketing. With a focus on mobile-centric platforms like Instagram, Snap, and TikTok, his top-down approach garners results that speak for themselves. Joining Crypto currency in 2011 he has seen the space evolve into what it is today. Through his connections he has a combined reach of 3 billion + and growing.

Hunter Hoffman


With vast design experience in television and clothing sectors over the last nine years, Hunter has been recruited to lead the front-end development of multiple blockchain projects on Cardano and Ethereum. Hunter brings years of graphic design, UX development, and marketing knowledge to Spume. He is in charge of reviewing all press releases, advertisements, and any other company related materials that are designed to increase’s Spume’s presence and excellence for all our investors and users. Aside from managing the overall design and branding for the marketing materials for Spume, Hunter leads the design and development teams for Spume’s NFT platform in order to maximize conversion rates and to optimize the overall user experience for the upcoming launch of our marketplace.

Jeff Juker

Community Relations

Jeff is the head of community relations at Spume. Jeff has been involved in the crypto space for years, both personally and professionally, and brings that experience to the Spume team to help make this project the best it can be. Prior to involvement in Spume he held an upper level PR position at a prominent investment firm. Jeff’s undergraduate degree specializes in public health and communication with an emphasis on health informatics and technology from Boise State University.

Edvardo Bissiccio

Executive Advisor

For over 30 years, Edvardo has been involved in every aspect of internet and technology industries in a diversity of executive roles including Founder, Board Member, Project Manager and Business Development Specialist. Through his professional experiences on Wall Street, he successfully launched two companies from concept to multi million-dollar enterprises. As a consultant, he has assisted two different companies in going public. With a multitude of blockchain projects under his belt, his executive consulting experience is imperative to expanding Spume’s national and global reach.

Britnee Maehl

Community Relations

With a Bachelor’s Degree in communication, Britnee has over nine years of experience in community relations. She is in charge of running all of Spume’s public events as well as managing the investor relations team at Spume. Her drive and communication skills truly gives Spume an edge when it comes to keeping our community and investors in the loop with everything Spume.

David Lotwin

Executive Advisor

David Lotwin is considered one of the most influential people in the history of urban music and marketing. He started his career working with some of the biggest reggae artists of all time including such greats as Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, and Dennis Brown and was the co-founder of the most influential studio in hip-hop history, D&D Studios. D&D Studios was a place where stars were born, and GOATs were made. Jay-Z called D&D Studios the mecca.

Hakim Draper

Executive Advisor

Former Warner Music Group executive, Hakim is a 3rd generation music industry professional with a background in Computer Science. To Spume, he brings with him a proven record of success in talent acquisition, development, strategy & implementation across all aspects of the consumer industries. Hakim has served as an executive in the Silicon Valley for Ariba Technologies & Agile Software, and brings a wealth of technical music knowledge to the Spume community.

Tayler Everett


TJ is the team's lead Solidity Developer focusing on all things smart contracts and contract security. Previously helping clients scale their mining and staking operations as well as creating onboarding curriculum for new Web3 Developers. From battlefields to boardrooms, he has excelled in leading, developing and training team members. Taking teams from 30 to well over 300 in headcount, he is no stranger to rapid growth and high stress scenarios. TJ brings a breadth of problem solving and critical thinking skills to the SPUME team.

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