Spume is the bridge between modern day industries and the blockchain, equipping off-chain businesses with the tools required to accept cryptocurrency payments and easily track product ownership.


Projected 2023 Transactions Through Spume

Blockchain Commerce

Accept crypto at your business or spend your crypto at participating Spume businesses.

Spume Token

Stake SPUME and share in the rewards generated by the transaction volume.

NFT Commerce

Buy, Sell, and Trade NFTs. All transaction fees go back to the SPUME Token Holders.

The Roadmap

Spume is an ambitious ever evolving project. The direction our roadmap takes may shift slightly as we adjust to best realize Spume’s vision: the complete removal of all taxing intermediaries.

It should also be noted that the development of Spume will be incremental. Features involving various add-ons will launch at different times. We do our best with our roadmap to show the development life of Spume, but it often will not be as linear. Most often various real estate features and artwork features will be under development simultaneously.

We are currently building out our Blockchain Commerce platform that brings off-chain businesses onto the blockchain, and continuing to add features to our NFT marketplace. We are expecting to have the Blockchain Commerce platform live Q4 2022.

Q3 2022
Public Sale
CEX/DEX Listing
Marketplace dApp
Q4 2022
Blockchain Commerce
Beta Music Studio
Crypto Card
Q1 2023
Additional CEX Listing
2.0 Staking Platform
Further Bcom R&D
Q2 2023
Beta Blockchain Music
Bscan (Bcom Explorer)
500 Businesses Onboarded
Q3 2023
Bcom Web2 Integration
Bcom Franchise Dashboard
Beta Native Wallet
1,000 Businesses Onboarded
Q4 2023
Beta Spume 360
2,000 Businesses Onboarded
Bcom Non-Stable Token Integration
Alpha Native Wallet

The Upcoming Spume Ecosystem

Music Creation

Create, share, and sell your own music and discover others music using Spume’s Web 3 music studio. Studio fees are distributed to Spume token holders.

Real Estate

Reduce intermediaries, lower fees, and conduct your real world propety transactions quicker with Spume’s Real Estate System.


Reinvent your experiences and reduce high fees with NFT tickets and connect with your visitors on-chain and off-chain with Spume’s NFT ticketing system.

We are Prepping for Launch

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