Powering the Spume Ecosystem

Rewards sharing with token holders for on-chain and off-chain businesses

Spume Token


The total supply of SPUME is 100 million. This is a fixed supply, there will be no SPUME minted or burned. The SPUME token has already been created and the total supply can be verified at the Etherscan link below.

Public Sale0.5%
DAO Treasury30%
Liquidity & Exchanges16.7%
Strategic Partners17%
Private Sale7.7%

Spume Token Holders Rewards

All transaction fees generated from the marketplace will be given directly back to SPUME token holders proportional to the amount of SPUME the individuals stake. We chose this model for two specific reasons. One, sharing rewards with token holders incentives participation in the governance of the Spume DAO. Two, because the DAO owns 30% of the total tokens, they are obligated to 30% of all the fees the Spume marketplace generates, providing continual funding for future development.

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