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Do Music

Spume Studio is a state of the art compositional DAW native to any browser with the best experience on Google Chrome. With its intuitive and simple layout Spume Studio includes all of the core creative functionalities without the complexity and cost of a traditional DAW.

Studio Beta

Our core vision for producers and consumers


The culmination of over 20 years of research and development in the online music space


Spume Studio is built upon one simple vision – connect people and share the love for music

our value

A music-maker's secret weapon.

Built for artist collaboration, with Spume Studio you can make music on the go, without worrying about losing any data or carrying hard drives. You can host a chat room or video chat with other artists within the software itself while collaborating on a project.

our difference

New unique and innovative technology.

Spume Studio features innovative and unique functions not found in other DAW’s including smart midi files, video communication, a unique chord creator, and the ability to use your own vst plugins within the DAW.

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